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     Since 1998, DivingTravel.Com provides divers with the utmost expertise on scuba diving tours, packages, and liveaboards cruises needs in the most amazing diving places in the world such as the Red Sea (Egypt, Sudan, Djibouti), the Maldives, Indonesia and Indo-Pacific region, Caribbean, Galapagos archipelago, the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, and much more. We have been cruising and diving the best places in the world and we hope you will benefit from our two decades of experience in the aquatic realm. We specialize in the best dive sites and the best facilities worldwide to make your diving or sailing vacations a journey into a dream world. Scuba diving is one of the best, safest and most enjoyable outdoor activities and it is our goal to take you to the very best diving destinations with the most professional and safest dive operators worldwide. Our tours come on either land based diving packages with hotel or resort accommodation, or on liveaboards diving cruises format.
     DivingTravel.Com is a leading agency in the online dive travel field, and a division of Consult Dive International (1995). Our experience and contacts in the industry have made us the most reliable agent in the trade
.   We were the pioneers in promoting new destinations such as Lebanon, northern Borneo liveaboard cruises, and Bulgaria. We are still tracking the unknown for our enthusiastic customers, and we will continue to add other destinations and liveaboard vessels, as our quest for the ultimate in diving experiences will always go on. Our team is composed of very experienced and highly trained divers, all instructors, allowing us to give expert advice on diving destinations, education, environmental issues, and absolutely everything related to the aquatic realm and diving.
     DivingTravel.Com was created by professional divers for quality and safety oriented diving holidays seekers. Booking a liveaboard diving cruise or dive package with us is simply putting over 15 years of field experience with you to ensure a safe and thrilling diving holiday.

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    New ! Diving Cruises in Cuba- In 2011; Dive Tanzania

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Special - Diving Career

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    We have been dedicated to scuba diving professional career development since 1992, and will provide those who wish to become diving professionals with the best training the industry has to offer. We have been training and providing services to divers and aquatic adventurers  for over a decade and we have built  an international network of trust, quality service, friendship, and reliability.
     We will accommodate all your budget, schedule, travel destination, adventure, and dream needs, as for our team, quality vacations are the primary concern. Now you are ready to explore the magic aquatic world and take the plunge into your dream destination!
     Liveaboards or land based hotel/resort package, we will fulfill your dream dive vacation!

Worldwide Instructor Courses
New in the Red Sea: Liveaboard In Sudan, Red Sea and Djibouti
and Diving Package in El Quseir

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Become a Professional Diving Educator with us,

     For complete diver training, from beginner to Instructor levels, please visit ScubaDivingInstructor.Com
Your worldwide diving training specialist - train with the most experienced trainers in Asia, Middle East and Europe!
     Sport Education and Management

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